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Amazon Prime Now | Kim Jones Group

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How many of us have found ourselves in this situation, after a long day at work, not being able to bear the thought of heading over to the nearest store and picking up home essentials.  Looking through the pantry and found that there was no dog food so I would need to go the pet store as well.  I started to head out, and then remembered a service that I can now say is a lifesaver, Amazon Prime Now!

This is a fantastic service for professionals and anyone on-the-go!  I remember using something similar, called ParkNShop in Hong Kong and Waitrose in London, where I previously lived and it was pretty convenient as I would place orders from work and by the time I got home, everything was there.

The idea is you download the app, fill in your details, and then pick out the items you want delivered and pick a time.  I put in the order all under 5 min and voila(!) an hour later, I got a call saying they were outside!  That was quick service, and not only that, but if I had gone out to the local pet shop, Target and Fresh Market, it would have taken over an hour to get everything.  This not only saved me time and energy but price comparison wise, I think it saved me money.

Try it now, simply put in your zip code and type in what you need.  They are still in the early stages, so no grocery items like fresh chicken and veggies as yet, however I don’t think that’s far away.  You will need an Amazon Prime account.

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As a Realtor who works in Coconut Grove, Silverbluff, Coral Gables and South Miami I have experience with buyers and sellers who are looking to list their property with a proven, experienced professional.  My clients understand that marketing, keen insights in the areas of their choice and exposure to not only local buyers but also internationally is key to closing their property.
Don’t hesitate to call me, Kim Jones, at 786-414-0294 or email me at for a private consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!